The main driver for the future success of the healthcare service lies with the workforce. As such, investment in staff education and training should be seen as one of the most important factors for their future wellbeing, safety and productivity.

The vision of Connect was to take advantage of the incredible range of teaching, enterprise and research programmes already running within universities and the NHS. It plans to do this by becoming the very best platform for academics, scientist and doctors to directly collaborate with students through their projects and research. By doing so this in turn gives individual trainees power to direct their own learning and build new skills and connections for their future careers.


The HLA.Connect team guarantees that all completed projects carried out through the HLA.Connect platform will be showcased at the closest annual HLA Summit, an international healthcare leadership conference.


Provide Opportunity

To increase the availability of opportunities for medical students and trainees

Fostering Research Connections

To improve the choice and suitability of students and trainees for clinicians and academics who are proposing projects

Empower Students and Trainees

To provide students and trainees with resources and skills for the development of their CV and overall strength as a candidate