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Gain HLA Post-Nominals

Recognise and celebrate your achievement

Recognise and celebrate your achievement

Becoming a member or fellow of the Healthcare Leadership Academy allows you to use the MHLA or FHLA letters after your name, which is an excellent way of demonstrating your leadership experience and ability. We have trained many hundreds of HLA scholars who work in a multitude of national and international organisations. HLA Membership is one of the ways that we celebrate their successes, as well as help them to connect and expand their networks. When you become a HLA Member you have access to a range of opportunities, widening your professional community, augmenting your learning and supporting your future career.


  • Use of post-nominal letters MHLA or FHLA after your name

  • You will receive an annual digital certificate of membership

  • You will be able to gain CPD points from our conferences and webinars

Networking and staying connected

  • You will gain exposure to, and opportunities in, leadership that will help your career development and career satisfaction. These will include discounted tickets to our annual conferences and courses, access to mentorship opportunities and ongoing access to our latest online Scholar Resources content.

  • You will receive news about the HLA and opportunities to get involved with our work

  • Opt-in for ongoing access to the scholar resources as they are developed and expanded each year, allowing you to continue your learning and stay in the loop with the current HLA cohorts.

Getting involved

  • Get to know a wider network at our conferences and our courses for a discounted rate.

  • Participate in policy work and our campaigns.

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