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Linkedin Pieces


As part of the HLA scholarship, scholars are asked to produce a written piece for publishing on LinkedIn. This is overseen by our fantastic editing team and the work produced covers a huge variety of subjects both within medical leadership and beyond.

Click below to read some of our scholar’s pieces.

Our Scholar’s Pieces

2019 - 2020 Scholars


James Oliver  -

Jenna Hussain  -

Nandi Mnyama  -

Amelle Ra  -

Caroline Heuschen  -

Geeth Silva  -

2018 - 2019 Scholars


Andrew Nanapragasam  -

Eleanor Budge  -

Emma Hawthornthwaite  -

Lidija Rakic  -

Josephine Elliott  -

2016 - 2018 Scholars


Jim Determeijer  -

Katherine Maskell  -

Our Editing Team

Ratan Gor - Project Co-ordinator

I was part of the second cohort of HLA scholars and my interest in writing lead me to continue as an editing lead for future scholars. I’m currently a junior doctor in London with a keen interest in intensive care medicine and anaesthetics. 


Outside of work I am passionate about nature and the environment. I also do my best to stay healthy and some would say I play a scary amount of golf.

Ratan Gor_Test.png
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Katherine Maskell - HLA editor

I am currently a Junior doctor in Manchester having graduated from Brighton & Sussex Medical School, where I also undertook a Masters in Public Health. I was in the second cohort of HLA scholars where my project at the time, involved medical leadership and management teaching in the undergraduate curriculum – a cause that I am passionate about; even more so since I graduated.


I have yet to decide on the medical specialty I’ll pursue but whilst I decide, I enjoy baking cakes!

Katherine Maskell.png
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Tomisin Otenigbagbe - HLA Editor & Communications Fellow

I am currently a medical student at the University of Leeds. Following an intercalated degree in Management, I developed a keen interest in leadership in healthcare and joined the HLA accordingly, with the goal of developing this interest. 


In my free time I enjoy reading, travelling and exploring nature!

Tomisin Otenigbagbe.png
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Emma Hawthornwaite - HLA editor

I am currently working as a junior doctor in Newcastle and was part of the third cohort of HLA scholars.


I am an aspiring vascular surgeon who aims to fill every second of her free time with exercise.

Emma Hawthornwaite.png
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Daniel Huddart - HLA Editor

I was in the third HLA cohort and am currently a final year medical student at Imperial. I will soon be working as an academic foundation doctor at St Thomas’ Hospital.

I am passionate about medical education and leadership in healthcare. I organise and deliver lecture series; arrange mentoring schemes; and coordinate mock exams for Imperial’s Medical Education Society. I am also heavily involved in assisting students apply to medical school and regularly speak at national and international events on the subject.


In my spare time I enjoy travelling, exploring London and visiting galleries.

Daniel Huddart.png
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Eleanor Budge - HLA Editor

I was a Scholar at the Healthcare Leadership Academy in 2018-2019. During my time as a scholar, I most relished meeting with my peers and hearing their ideas. In this role, I hope to facilitate scholars sharing their perspectives and encouraging open discussion. I am currently a junior doctor in London starting my Anaesthetic training.


Outside of medicine I am an Audible and coffee addict in equal measure.

Eleanor Budge.png
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