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HLA.Connect Project Form

The vision of Connect was to take advantage of the incredible range of teaching, enterprise and research programmes already running within universities and the NHS. It plans to do this by becoming the very best platform for academics, scientist and doctors to directly collaborate with students through their projects and research. By doing so this in turn gives individual trainees power to direct their own learning and build new skills and connections for their future careers.

The provision of projects and research creates a unique, vibrant and transformative experience beyond the traditional curriculum. This investment in students and trainees in turn gives them the power to direct their own learning and build new skills. From an institutional perspective, it provides both a superior foundation for scientific practice and creates a workforce that is research focused at its heart.

By creating engaged, empowered and self-motivated individuals, the benefits then extend to the wider institution. This includes potential impacts on National Student Survey scores, research output, employment prospects and sustainability of ongoing projects.

Please fill out the form below to advertise your project on our service. If you would like an image uploaded, please send it to:

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