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HLA Awards Manager

The HLA Award Manager is an HLA Alumni member entrusted with the responsibility of evaluating submissions and conferring prestigious awards within The Healthcare Leadership Academy. This role involves recognising and honouring exemplary healthcare professionals and students globally, celebrating their commitment to excellence and innovation in healthcare leadership. Responsibilities include recruiting judges, overseeing HLA awards communication, and evaluating submissions.


HLA Awards Include:

  • Ian Nobel Prize

  • Derek Gallen Award

  • Suzanne McCarthy Award

  • Other Social Impact and Innovation Awards as we develop them

Key Accountabilities/Responsibilities

  1. Judge Recruitment

    • Recruit judges from the HLA Community to evaluate the award submissions

  2. Communication Oversight 

    • Manage internal and external communication related to The HLA Awards

    • Includes overseeing the campaign for the Ian Nobel Prize with the Marketing Team and Award Winners

  3. Prize Criteria 

    • Finalising each Award Criteria

    • Setting deadlines for submissions and evaluations

  4. Submission Evaluation

    • Coordinate the evaluation process for all award categories, whilst ensuring transparent assessments 

  5. Ian Nobel Prize

    • Selecting the topic of the year for the Ian Nobel Essay Prize

    • Overseeing the campaign for the Ian Nobel Prize with the Marketing Team

    • Recruiting judges for the prize

    • Review and assess submissions for the essay prize 

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