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An interview with Dr Ann Limb CBE DL

Dr Ann Limb CBE DL

George Miller, HLA scholar, speaks with Dr Ann Limb CBE DL, the first female Chair of the Scout Association and the current Chair of the South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership, an initiative created by the coalition government in 2010 to stimulate innovation and promote local prosperity.

Dr Ann Limb CBE DL has enjoyed a long and distinguished career in public service, previously acting as Group Chief Executive of the University for Industry and as a senior civil servant. She has been responsible for implementing and developing the UK government’s flagship e-learning initiative ‘learndirect’, as well as the nationwide e-services ‘UK Online’ and ‘DirectGov’.

Between 2004 and 2010 she worked as a senior vice president for the international strategic management consultancy Citizen Service Transformation, as well as working as a government adviser both in the UK and abroad. In this capacity she served as an independent on David Cameron’s Education Committee and Tony Blair’s Digital Inclusion Panel. She sat on the Labour Party’s independent Skills Task Force and on the coalition government’s Service Transformation Challenge Panel. She was awarded an OBE for public service and services to education, and a CBE for public and political services.

She’s an inspiring leader who has touched the lives of thousands; working at the heart of government to enrich the lives of younger generations. Today she speaks about the challenges she encountered, how she achieved it all and what she’s learnt along the way.

How did you approach the transition from teacher to civil servant and government advisor? Do you think formal training in leadership would have altered your approach? 00:00- 01:30

What advice would you offer to those at the start of their leadership careers? 01:30-05:21

What obstacles did you encounter while implementing the UK government’s flagship e-learning initiative ‘learndirect’? 05:22- 07:26

Having worked in Tony Blair’s Digital Inclusion Panel, which new areas of digital innovation would you consider to be the most exciting? 07:27- 09:09

How have you judged where best to allocate your time? 09:10- 12:18

What would you consider the long-term vision of what you have been hoping to achieve throughout your career? 12:19- 15:58

Which area have you found you have been able to achieve the most in? What have you been most proud of? 15:59-18:56

What inspired you to found the Helena Kennedy Foundation? How did you formulate the idea and then bring it to fruition? 18:57- 22:41

To what extent has your experience working on independent government advisory panels differed depending on the party in power? 22:41- 27:36

What were your main objectives while advising overseas governments? 27:37-30:28

To what degree has space been made for values, beliefs and faiths? 30:29- 34:04



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