Our Faculty

The HLA Team

The HLA is run by a team of volunteers from a huge array of backgrounds and specialities. They are here to mentor and help our scholars, as well as run sessions during the cohort contact days.

The Course Director

Johann Malawana

Johann has been in leadership roles for more than 15 years. He founded The HLA to address many of the issues he faced and witnessed in his career. Johann wanted to create a focus and attention on developing students and professionals earlier in their career. The HLA wants to support these individuals so they can take up leadership roles with more confidence and to improve the health systems they are part off.

Johann is best known as the former chair of the Junior Doctors Committee of the British Medical Association. However he has held a variety of roles over 15 years.

Johann was a former President of Barts and The London Students’ Association, a former University of London Medical Students’ Officer at ULU and the founding Editor of The Medical Student. Following the crisis caused by Modernising Medical Careers (MMC) via Medical Training Application System (MTAS) in March 2007, Johann took over the Education and Training portfolio at the BMA in September 2007. He was responsible for a lot of detailed negotiations around the education and training environment in medicine for the next three years till 2010. He was credited with a lot of initiatives that improved the working and education lives of junior doctors. He was responsible for designing the first Interdeanery Transfer System and negotiated for it to be implemented in every Deanery in the UK.

As a result of all this, Johann developed a strong representative and leadership reputation and was appointed to the boards of both the General Medical Council and the Postgraduate Medical Education and Training Board. He undertook a lot of work on both boards to ensure the voices of medical students and junior doctors were heard. Johann served as an advisor on several reviews of the medical education environment with a strong belief in the need for strong medical leadership and the power of young doctors and medical students to be a force for good in the NHS. Many of the engagement strategies developed for these reviews were a direct result of the work Johann undertook.

Through the Healthcare Leadership Academy, Johann hopes that leadership truly has a chance to be explored with people who are interested in understanding how to promote leadership in Healthcare.

The Faculty Tutors

The Faculty Tutors help run the HLA sessions and provide support to all our scholars. They are from a variety of backgrounds and specialities.


Melody Redman

Clinical Genetics Registrar

Melody is currently a Clinical Genetics Registrar in Yorkshire, having previously completed a Leadership Fellow in Child Health Workforce Planning and an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowship in Paediatrics. She has held several roles within the British Medical Association as a medical student and as a junior doctor, including having chaired two subcommittees. Her roles in this capacity have involved working on education and training, medico-political issues, and matters of scientific interest. She is also a CQC Specialist Advisor, and sits on the Board of Directors of Integritas Healthcare, which provides offender healthcare to vulnerable populations. Melody has engaged with national, regional and local media, in addition to producing blogs, mainly around medical issues.


George Miller

Public Health Registrar and Senior Director

George is an Imperial Public Health Registrar. He was one of the top scoring applicants for the AFP across the country, and has since presented national courses on ‘Success in Medical School’, ‘Preparing for the AFP’ and ‘Preparing for the PSA’. He is the Senior Director of the Healthcare Leadership Academy.


Colby Benari

Head of the Academic Careers Office, University College London

Colby has over a decade of experience supporting biomedical researchers and clinicians to find mentors, win funding and develop their careers. As Head of the Academic Careers Office, University College London, Colby is responsible for developing the careers of over 5,000 graduate students and many more postdoctoral biomedical researchers through innovative and impactful programmes. Colby has previously managed research funding schemes and mentoring schemes for Cancer Research UK and the UK Academy of Medical Sciences.

Colby also delivers soft skills training (such as networking, mentoring and building an entrepreneurial mindset) to researchers and clinicians on a freelance basis.

“I have the pleasure of delivering a session on networking in an academic environment to the HLA Scholars. In the workshop we discuss how you can network well without being aggressive or ‘alpha’. We go through practical tips and tricks that I have learned over the last decade and we troubleshoot common networking problems.” – Colby Benari


Tom Dolphin

Consultant Anaesthetist

Tom is an anaesthetist based in London and was formerly Chair of the BMA’s UK Junior Doctors Committee and contract negotiator for the BMA. Long before that, Tom was a sabbatical student president at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry for two years.

“I am a mentor for two HLA scholars. I also review material for the educational modules and have been invited to be a panel member for one of the HLA events at the House of Lord.” – Tom Dolphin


Tom Foley

Senior Clinical Lead for Data, NHS Digital

Tom specialises as a child and adolescent psychiatrist and has degrees in software engineering, economics and public policy. Since working as a full-time management consultant with PwC and BDO, Tom has spent time in clinical practice, academia and consultancy. He conducts reviews on healthcare policy issues and has held operational positions with the Care Quality Commission and Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management. He has also held a range of committee and associate positions with Monitor, British Medical Association, Royal College of Psychiatrists and General Medical Council.


Julian Archer

Executive General Manager Education & Professor in Medical Education Research

Julian has been funded by NIHR for 9 years as a member of Faculty to undertake medical education research. He established and directed CAMERA at the University of Plymouth – one of Europe’s largest med-ed research groups. Julian has also Led a UK wide research study into the impacts of medical revalidation and has been appointed the new ‘Director of Education’ at the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.


Derek Gallen

Emeritus Professor

Derek is the Postgraduate Dean in England and Wales. His main role is to facilitate the research interests of the deanery team around educational standards and introduce medical education to the generic curriculum of all trainees. As National Director of the UK Foundation Programme, he currently oversees the programme for the UK and was instrumental in securing initial funding. Derek was Chair of COPMeD (Conference of Postgraduate Medical Deans of the United Kingdom). He has developed many new innovative training schemes for junior doctors in academic medicine and leadership.

He is President and a founding member of the Academy of Medical Educators (ASME), helping to raise the profile and standards of medical education across the UK.


Matthew Prior

Subspecialty Trainee in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery

Matt was Chair of RCOG Trainees’ Committee during the junior doctors’ contract dispute and co-founded the national trainee research collaborative UK-ARCOG.

“I am a HLA faculty member and I deliver sessions on leadership roles for junior doctors, presentation and debating skills. I am also a mentor for HLA scholars.” – Matthew Prior


Ali Jawad

Associate Course Director and NHS Clinical Innovation and Entrepreneur Fellow

Ali is currently a junior doctor in north-west london and an NHS Clinical Innovation and Entrepreneur Fellow as part of the first ever cohort under the National Clinical Director for Innovation at NHS England. He has a background in graphic design, innovation, charities, management, and education. He regularly gives talks on innovation in medical education and has presented his research internationally.

He continues to teach locally and also leads a national teaching course for medical students. Currently he is developing a student selected component for students at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry encouraging students to innovate in the healthcare field.


Roshana Mehdian

Orthopaedic Registrar and Trade Advisor

Roshana is an Orthopaedic Registrar in south London, who champions less than full time working.

She has worked in the USA for two years as an international trade advisor in the USA for the department of international trade, advising large multinational companies to small startups on strategy in health and life science business. She has previous experience in grassroots leadership for the junior doctors contract campaign, substantial lobbying, writing for newspapers and national media experience

“As a founding member of the HLA, it is incredible to see what HLA has become. From just an idea to unite the creativity and potential in our profession to a full scale international operation. I have really enjoyed teaching at the group sessions, chairing at the conference and mentoring my scholars. It gives me great hope for the future of our profession” – Roshana Mehdian


Jahangir (Jingy) Alom

Junior Doctor
Jahangir is a Junior Doctor in the Midlands. He graduated with the  Deans’ Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Medical School at the University of Southampton. Whilst he was there he was the MedSoc President and a co-founder of an award winning widening participation initiative. Outside of his clinical career, Jahangir lobby’s widening participation policy to key stakeholders such as Health Education England and the Medical Schools Council.

Jahangir was a founding scholar at the HLA. After completing his scholarship he continued to stay involved with the HLA by mentoring new scholars and most recently delivering the campaigning stream of the scholarship. Having benefited from the scholarship, Jahangir felt it was only right to contribute to the programme himself. Being a faculty tutor means he will be work closely with new scholars to develop their skills and implement their projects.

“HLA Scholars are like minded passionate people. They come together to create a supportive and collaborative platform. Together they can achieve high impact projects that take international coverage.” -Jahangir (Jingy) Alom


Adam Williams

Consultant Neurosurgeon and Director of ASiT

I followed a pretty standard training for Neurosurgery, with pre-CCT training in the Severn Deanery (Bristol) and then a fellowship in endoscopic pituitary and skull base neurosurgery in Oxford.  This was, however, supplemented by a number of leadership roles within The Association of Surgeons in Training (ASiT) culminating as Director and President. This was unquestionably the highlight of my training, and left me with a deep-seated drive to help young trainees develop into great clinicians and great leaders.

“Leadership can be innate, can be thrust-upon people, and can be learned. However, the latter is often poorly delivered to trainees and yet critical throughout their careers. In my view the HLA was undoubtedly the best example of early-years leadership training. Who wouldn’t want to be involved!?!
It is a fantastic opportunity to pass on some of the leadership skills I have learned through trial and error, but rather selfishly, I find it inspiring to meet so many dynamic trainees who have amazingly broad skillsets – and will go on to achieve far more than I ever will! It is universally positive! I have found it to be much more of a partnership than a mentorship. We learn from each other”– Adam Williams


Arrash Yassaee

Paediatric Speciality Doctor
Arrash is a paediatric trainee in East London with extensive experience in healthcare policy, having undertaken numerous projects with think tanks, charities, and European and UN bodies. During a year-long fellowship at NHS Improvement, he helped oversee the delivery seven day hospital services. He has also contributed to NHS England’s child obesity strategy and the Department of Health’s CAMHS strategy and is now a commissioner for the RCPCH 2040 project.

Much of his recent work focuses on workforce. Following chairing roles at the BMA and RCP, Arrash currently leads the Think Tank at FMLM’s Trainee Steering Group, where he has published national guidance on junior doctor engagement and leadership.

Arrash is also interested in healthcare finance, corporate governance and the operational and business side of healthcare. In recognition of his understanding in these areas, he was appointed as a healthcare system expert for the 2018 junior doctor contract review and has since been tasked with implementing a number of quality and safety initiatives at a multi-site London Trust.

“I got involved in the HLA to be a part of an exciting approach to leadership development – one which placed an emphasis on experiential learning, mentoring from an early career stage, and building networks between peers. My role as a faculty tutor offers me the privilege to work closely with some of the best and brightest future leaders and guide them through the early stages of their leadership journey. The HLA scholars have been a pleasure to work and seeing them progress on their leadership journeys has been extremely fulfilling. What is particularly enjoyable about the role is the learning that I gain from the scholars as many are subject matter experts in their own specific areas of interest” -Arrash Yassaee


Dina Saleh

Internal Medicine Trainee

Dina is an Internal Medicine Trainee doctor based in London with an interest in oncology. She graduated from Imperial College London in 2018 and completed her academic foundation year programme training in North Central London. Her interests in leadership stemmed from her year at the Imperial College Business School where she intercalated in the Management BSc degree. Dina was heavily involved in leadership roles throughout her time both during and after university. She was also awarded with multiple prizes for both her outstanding contribution to the life of the medical school and academic results.

She was one of the founding scholars in the first pilot of the Healthcare Leadership Academy in 2016. Following this, she designed and developed The Healthcare Leadership Academy Mentoring Programme for future scholars.

“The best thing about being involved in the HLA is to be introduced to a community of driven, like-minded and passionate people doing incredibly inspiring things at all stages of training. I am lucky to have brilliant mentors through the HLA and was excited to set up a programme to ensure future scholars can benefit and share my experience.” – Dina Saleh