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Have a proposal for a HLA Listen mini-series?

Following the inaugural HLA conference (#HLA17), The HLA worked with a student-led podcasting channel – Medics Motive – to publish a series of interviews which were recorded with speakers and contributors at the conference. This proved to be popular and brought the topics raised by speakers to a far greater audience. It also provided a legacy of content and contributions of the speakers following the conference.

In light of the impact, HLA Listen is going to provide a regular podcasting channel to provide a platform and vehicle to facilitate a greater number of voices to be heard.

The HLA is looking for guest presenters that will ideally provide 3-6 episodes on a theme, topic or area of interest for The HLA. A series of guidelines below outline the criteria upon which the programming will be selected and edited.

Editorial Outline of the Short Series

The following basic criteria will apply to a commissioned series:

  • 3-6 episodes lasting between 20-55 minutes

  • Recorded at the East Rd Studio’s Facility in Old St, Central London – The HLA has an agreement in place to have a fixed amount of dedicated studio time donated for this project. If the presenter is not based in London or finds it hard to get to London for the recording, we will advise on alternative recording methods. These will entirely be the responsibility of the presenter.

  • Theme-based series – Theme to be agreed as part of the commissioning and approval systems

  • The guest presenter to organise guests and schedule as agreed in advance with The HLA liaison

  • Content may be a mixture of discussion, interviews, panel discussions, direct conversation and educational material

  • Final sign off and editorial control will rest with The HLA, including the right to edit or not publish

  • All copyright for the content will be retained by The HLA

  • The content will be published on The HLA Listen Podcast channel

  • The presenter will sign the standard HLA agreement with podcast presenters prior to the planning process commencing.

Next steps

If you would like to propose a potential HLA Listen series, copy and paste the following onto a word or email document, fill it in and email to info@

HLA Podcast proposal form

Name of presenter(s):

Proposed number of episodes: 

Proposed dates of recording (please assume you will require 3 hours minimum for the first episode in a session, with an additional 1-1.5 hours per additional episode):

Please provide dates to record each episode:

Proposed guest(s):

Dates when guests are to confirm with you their attendance (please note that guests should be confirmed a minimum of 7 days in advance and reconfirmed 3 days prior to recording to ensure efficiency of studio use):

Please outline each of the episodes in your proposal. Please include a theme, content and guests where appropriate:


Please indicate if there are any specific dates or times of the year, or events that your content would be best placed to be scheduled for:


Please indicate any organisational partners or sponsors that may want to endorse or sponsor your content:

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