Submission Confirmation Form

If you are applying for a place on one of the 2020-2021 HLA cohorts, you need to read this form carefully. You will need to print this page out, fill in your details and then sign it clearly indicating that you are willing to comply with the requirements for being considered to joining the programme. When applying, please take a picture of your signed form and upload with your video on Wetransfer. Please do not apply if you cannot clearly confirm you can meet the attendance and participation requirements. The attendance requirements are non-negotiable and should you achieve a place and subsequently breach the terms of this agreement, you will be withdrawn from the cohort. We have a small number of scholars each year that are withdrawn from the programme so whilst it is rare, we do maintain our requirements rigorously.

Dear HLA application panel

Please find my ranking for all the options I would like to be considered for. I understand that if leave an option blank, I will not be considered for that option even if there is a place available. Please note that travel and accommodation costs are not covered and need to be self-funded:

London cohort
Newcastle cohort
Bristol cohort
Amsterdam cohort
Belfast cohort
Edinburgh cohort

By signing this declaration, I am confirming that I am applying to join the 2020-21 cohort knowing that 100% attendance at the 8 sessions of the cohort I am applying to is mandatory. I confirm I am able to attend every one of the 8 sessions and have the time to complete a self-directed leadership project over the course of the year.

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