Roshana Mehdian

Associate Course Director

Roshana Mehdian is a registrar trauma and orthopaedic surgeon in London and in her spare time, a media commentator and advocate on health policy issues.
Roshana is a member of the Royal College of Surgeons. She received her degree in medicine from the University of Dundee, during which she also obtained a first class honours degree in applied orthopaedics, technology and biomechanics. She has published in various areas of medical research and led research teams with wide ranging interests, including award winning research into golf swing biomechanics and surgical teaching methods. Roshana holds a postgraduate qualification in medical teaching, and maintains an active interest in pedagogy for medical training.
Roshana is also a health commentator and advocate. She has authored a number of pieces on public health policy published in the Guardian and Independent newspapers and Huffpost, and has appeared on Sky, BBC and Channel 4 among others. Her work advocating for junior doctors has received interest both inside and outside the medical profession. She was co-founder of the apolitical lobbying group NHS Survival and has been active in encouraging the UK government to implement evidenced-based health policy.
Roshana has appeared on the front cover of Stylist magazine and has a wide following on social media, she tweets as @roshanamn