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The HLA wants to give as many people as possible a voice and platform to get there ideas out on how to improve healthcare systems. We support individuals and organisations that want to use The HLA Listen podcast channel to educate or cover short podcast series. We will provide the infrastructure, studio and editors to produce a podcast mini-series of up to 6 episodes of a podcast that will be published on The HLA Listen service. If you would like to find out more, click here.

We have listed below selected podcast channels that are healthcare related you may find interesting:

To Build a Leader

The Problem
Leadership is an abstract concept. Everyone wants to be a good leader yet very few people can define what that is. We find ourselves thinking of examples but ultimately there is no one true formula.
That being said, there are definitely tangible characteristics, skills and abilities that we associate with good leadership and understanding these is a good practical step to understanding leadership.

The Plan
Join our trio of doctors and medical students on our brand new podcast as they explore the world of leadership. They’ll use anecdotes, research and experiences to delve into the skills they’ve found to be essential to leadership in every walk of life.

Our Team


Ahmad Elmansouri

Favourite word: Elixir
Pet peeve: Misinformation
Quarantine hobby: Tiger King


Nandi Mnyama

Favourite word: Plump
Pet peeve: The sound of chewing
Quarantine hobby: PE with Joe Wicks!


Tinaye Mapako

Favourite word: Serendipity
Pet peeve: Jaime Oliver’s use of oil
Quarantine hobby: Scone making

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The HLA podcast

Podcasts by HLA scholars

These are podcasts by HLA Scholars which are about Healthcare Leadership, Personal Development or Making a Difference in Society. If you would like us to promote your podcast email us at podcasts@www.thehealthcareleadership.academy