Jim Determeijer

Jim Determeijer – Medical student, HLA scholar cohort 2 (2017-2018)

I am a medical student based in Amsterdam, crazy enough to have travelled to London every month for the past year to attend HLA sessions. My international and venturous tendencies stem from my youth which was spent moving between different African countries. I am always looking to push my own development, that of the people around me and of the community of which I am a part. This mindset manifested itself during my high school and university years, when I joined, ran and set up committees and projects. My most recent project, for the University of Amsterdam, involved travelling around Europe to different universities to research student engagement. On one of these travels I crossed paths with a scholar from the HLA. Jingy is from a widely different background and is invested in other interests, but I knew from the moment we met that we shared a similar drive. That drive is the reason I applied to the HLA. The opportunity to be part of a group of passionate young healthcare professionals wanting to learn and encourage each other in their personal and project development has proven to be invaluable to me. Now Emma, Ilse and I want to open up this experience to more peers by expanding The HLA to a new location: Amsterdam. Leadership skills are universal, but we can learn so much from adapting them each time to an new international, national or personal perspective.