Ilse Blomberg

Ilse Blomberg – Medical student, HLA scholar cohort 3 (2018-19)

Since the start of my medical degree, I have been involved in improving medical education within my faculty and university. In my opinion you should not just be critical from the sideline, you have to do something about it! As a member of student councils and of my faculty’s management, I found that promoting and teaching leadership is underrated during our medical training. In my opinion clinical knowledge and experience are just one aspect of becoming a good healthcare professional. Our education system is not well equipped to nurture leadership or stimulate innovation among young healthcare professionals. Changing this system is a long term project, complicated by the bureaucratic way universities and hospitals function. By joining the HLA in London, I have found a way to actively develop my own leadership skills at an early stage of my career. It feels logical and natural to take responsibility and make this opportunity more accessible for my peers in and outside the Netherlands. With our plan to start an HLA cohort in Amsterdam I hope to give more people like me the chance to become part of the HLA network!