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HLA Live

What is HLA Live?
HLA Live is a FREE Subscription service, hosting conversations with interesting people across Healthcare and wider society, using the Medics.Academy platform to give clinicians access to some of the most interesting thought leaders around. HLA Live allows a wide range of individuals to share their experiences and knowledge with The HLA Community.

How do I get more involved with The HLA Community?
Subscribing to HLA Live gives you access to a lot of the community. A lot of content will be shared through the Medics.Academy platform, including articles, webinars, podcasts and a range of other opportunities.

HLA Associate Membership

What is HLA Associate Membership?
HLA Associate Membership is a premium subscription service Medics.Academy runs for The HLA. As part of the subscription you will have access to:
– The back catalogue of all recorded HLA Live events
– Everything available to HLA Live subscribers
– A free ticket to The HLA Annual Conference
– Access to Premium HLA Courses
– CPD and Attendance Certification for HLA events and courses
– Enrolment in the Introduction to Clinical Leadership Certificate
– Dedicated premium HLA/MA premium content and events

Are there student bursaries or discounts for HLA Associate Membership?
If you are a student currently, then you are eligible for a 75% discount off HLA Associate Membership during the time you are a student. To claim your discount code, simply email hello@medics.academy with your current student ID, and a code will be sent out to you.

HLA ILM 5 Certificate in Clinical Leadership – Leading to Member of Institute of Leadership and Management and MInstLM

This is a fully online programme that can be completed self-paced. It is designed for Clinicians interested in Leadership to gain qualifications that lead to an ILM Level 5 qualification with the option of gaining Membership of the Institute of Leadership and Management (MInstLM).

The programme is designed to be completed over 1 year.

The programme covers the 6 domains of The Healthcare Leadership Academy (HLA) framework:
1. The Leader as a Communicator
2. The Leader as a Manager
3. The Leader as a Negotiator
4. The Leader as an Innovator and Entrepreneur
5. The Leader as a Follower
6. The Leader as a Philosopher

The programme is delivered through a combination of webinars, assignments and online content. The candidate can follow the programme and complete and submit the assignments through the year. There will be a range of speakers, tutors and workshop hosts that will deliver a series of content.

The webinar content will be able to be watched live, with a selection of content recorded and accessible in the candidates own time. There is a community aspect to the programme with all candidates being invited to take part in an online community, as well as access to a series of HLA events as part of the programme. Candidates will be available to join the programme in September and March each year.

Eligibility to join
This programme is designed for healthcare professionals and students studying to become a registered healthcare professional. Eligibility to is required to be proven for the ongoing subscription and to achieve MInstLM status subsequently.

How will the programme be assessed?
Assessment will be through delivery of a practical project, a series of video presentation submissions and a series of multimedia assignments. The programme is designed as a multimedia programme aimed at clinicians that would like to gain practical clinical leadership skills and experience for to support them through their future careers.

The Community
Participants will join a vibrant community in The HLA and develop a network tat will support them throughout their careers.

Those that complete the programme successfully, will be eligible for Membership of the Institute of Leadership and Management and be able to use the MInstLM postnominals for as long as they continue to be a subscriber. During their time as a subscriber, they will also have access to the Associate Membership of The HLA subscription including all the benefits conferred.

Whilst undertaking the programme, participants will receive a ticket to the annual HLA Conference, they will also be invited to a selection of events available to subscribers.