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HLA Live

What is HLA Live?
HLA Live is a FREE Subscription service, hosting conversations with interesting people across Healthcare and wider society, using the Medics.Academy platform to give clinicians access to some of the most interesting thought leaders around. HLA Live allows a wide range of individuals to share their experiences and knowledge with The HLA Community.

How do I get more involved with The HLA Community?
Subscribing to HLA Live gives you access to a lot of the community. A lot of content will be shared through the Medics.Academy platform, including articles, webinars, podcasts and a range of other opportunities.

HLA Associate Membership

What is HLA Associate Membership?
HLA Associate Membership is a premium subscription service Medics.Academy runs for The HLA. As part of the subscription you will have access to:
– The back catalogue of all recorded HLA Live events
– Everything available to HLA Live subscribers
– A free ticket to The HLA Annual Conference
– Access to Premium HLA Courses
– CPD and Attendance Certification for HLA events and courses
– Enrolment in the Introduction to Clinical Leadership Certificate
– Dedicated premium HLA/MA premium content and events

Are there student bursaries or discounts for HLA Associate Membership?
If you are a student currently, then you are eligible for a 75% discount off HLA Associate Membership during the time you are a student. To claim your discount code, simply email hello@medics.academy with your current student ID, and a code will be sent out to you.