Entrepreneurship and innovation – get your idea off the ground – Wednesday 29th August 2018

The HLA and Medics.Academy is launching a pilot short course based on a series of courses,  talks and university programmes that some of the faculty have been delivering for the last couple of years. A lot of healthcare workers are interested in innovation, entrepreneurship and starting new businesses. This one day short course is an introduction for anyone considering turning an idea into a business.


There are a lot of accelerators, incubators, angel investors, institutional investors and healthcare professionals out there looking for founders of companies, but there is very little impartial and independent learning aimed at healthcare workers about turning ideas into businesses. This one day introductory course will be based on the experiences of the team at The HLA (social enterprise) and Medics.Academy (a commercial technology company) as well as an array of people that have experiences of being entrepreneurs and working with start ups. If you have considered applying to an accelerator, or considered trying to raise some investment money to get an idea off the ground, is that really the best idea for you? Invest in yourself by spending a day just exploring whether you know what you are letting yourself in for.


What will the day cover?


  • Finding a niche
  • Ideas, testing and execution
  • Budget and business planning
  • GDPR and Data protection
  • Validation of ideas as a business
  • Understanding key documents such as Articles of Association, Shareholders Agreements, Company ownership structures
  • How to deal with investors, the role of Boards in Start-ups and shareholder management
  • Making decisions
  • Line Management and Direct Reports
  • Options agreements
  • Legal structures ie Ltd, CIC or charities
  • Will I be accused of selling out or going to the dark side?


The structure of the day will be a series of short presentations, followed by workshops where you can discuss ideas, bust some myths and get some realistic impartial advice from people that have been on the journey and want to share their experiences.

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There is a special early bird rate of £45 for the first 10 people that book. The cost of this course is heavily discounted in order to analyse the pilot.