Christer Mjåset

Faculty Member

Chair – Norwegian Junior Doctors

Christer Mjåset is a Norwegian medical doctor and novelist. He took his medical degree at the University of Oslo while at the same time taking a bachelor in literature and philosophy. He is specialist in neurosurgery, has written several papers on different neurological topics and is now involved in a PhD-programme in Oslo on degenerative spine disease. Christer has a special interest in the field of narrative medicine and medical ethics. He has published several papers on these topics and done a series of lectures on difficult ethical issues in medicine, the physician’s role in literature and how neurological disorders is described in fiction and in film.
His interest in narrative medicine has also been pursued in his own fictional writing. He has published two novels and one short-story collection based on his clinical experience in medicine in addition to two more books and countless short-stories in different magazines and anthologies. Christer was awarded the Oslo city cultural scholarship for his writing in 2006 and is translated into both German and Polish. He is a member of The Norwegian PEN and the Norwegian Writer’s union. Since 2015 Christer has been chair of Norwegian Junior Doctors and a member of the board of the Norwegian Doctor’s Union. In his role, he has worked with the introduction of permanent positions for junior doctors in Norway and a new and complete restructuring of the medical specialization process in Norwegian hospitals. Christer is also the head of the dispute committee for the Norwegian academics (Akademikerne). He played an important role in the planning and execution of the five weeks long continuous strike action that took place in Norway the fall of 2016 due to a conflict closely related to the recent struggle of the British Junior Doctors. Managing the longest strike in Norwegian hospitals ever, Akademikerne received overwhelming support from the public and other trade unions making the strike an unexpected success.